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Q: Do I have to book my photo shoot?

A: You can book and have guaranteed time slot for you or just pop in (but there is a possibility of waiting a bit).


Q: Do you provide costumes?

A: Yes of course! Costumes, props, jewellery and much more!


Q: How long does the photo shoot take?

A: ~30 min for few people, ~1 hour for a group.


Q: When I will get my photos?

A: It will usually take  10-15 min, but it will depend on your order quantity and difficulty, but we are used to working quickly especially if you are in a rush! :)


Q: Do you do makeup?

A: We do basic makeup (lipstick, blush, bronze). There is no need for foundation as we do skin retouch on your final purchase. And most of the styles go with natural looks!


Q: Is it difficult to dress up your costumes?

A: All the costume for men goes on top of the clothes. Ladies costumes also go on top, but most of them have open shoulders so you will need to remove your top to open shoulders or décolleté.


Q: Do you have a various costumes sizes?

A: Yes indeed. Our costumes are also cut in the back so there is no problem whatever size you are.


Q: What are the Old time photo shoot prices?

A: Our prices are calculated by photo prints (quantity of people in a picture, what is your chosen picture size. We don’t charge you for the photo shoot, but you have to buy minimum one photo.


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